Streamlined Guide: How to Install WordPress on Managed Hosting with cpanel by using Auto Installer

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Installing WordPress on your hosting is a relatively straightforward process, and I’ll guide you through the steps to do so. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1

Choose a Hosting Provider Before you start, you need to have a hosting provider and a domain name registered. If you don’t have a hosting provider yet, consider using one that offers a simple WordPress installation process. For our recommendations please read our other news post click here.

Step 2

Access Your Hosting Control Panel (cPanel) Once you’ve signed up with a hosting provider, you’ll receive login credentials for your hosting control panel (often cPanel). Log in to your control panel using the provided URL, username, and password.

Step 3

Find the WordPress Installer In cPanel, look for an option called “Softaculous” or “Auto Installers.” This tool makes installing WordPress easy.

Step 4

Initiate the WordPress Installation Click on the “Softaculous” or “Auto Installers” option, then find and click on the “WordPress” icon. This will take you to the WordPress installation page.

Step 5

Configure Your Installation On the WordPress installation page, you’ll need to provide some information:
Choose Protocol: Select “http://” or “https://” based on your website’s security setup. If you have an SSL certificate (recommended), choose “https://”.
Choose Domain: Select the domain where you want to install WordPress.
In Directory: Leave this field blank if you want WordPress to be installed directly on your domain (e.g., If you want it in a subdirectory (e.g.,, enter “blog”.
Site Name: Enter the name of your website, e.g CodeMixx Technologies
Site Description: Add a brief description (optional).
Admin Username: Choose a username for your WordPress admin account.
Admin Password: Choose a strong password for your admin account.
Admin Email: Provide an email address for admin notifications.
Choose Language: Select the language for your WordPress installation.

Step 6

Complete the Installation Once you’ve filled in the details, click the “Install” button. Softaculous will now install WordPress on your hosting.

Step 7

Access Your WordPress Dashboard After the installation is complete, you’ll see a success message. You can now access your WordPress dashboard by going to the URL where you installed it (e.g.,

Step 8

Log in to Your Dashboard Enter the admin username and password you created during the installation to log in to your WordPress dashboard.
Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed WordPress on your hosting. You can now start customizing your website, adding themes, plugins, and content to create your online presence.
Still facing issues in installing or debugging? Please contact us for our assistance.